another must have items, especially when you’re travelling is Travel Organizer. This really works for you to keep you tooth brush, your shampoo, your soaps everything you need to carry without being wet since it is a waterproof organizer and you will be able to have all kinds of design , please find below:


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Handphone Organizer

All of you must have a busy day activities, especially ladies who work and at the same time be organized. this simple design handphone organizer would help you on the organizing the stuff you carry on your bag.

Sometimes when we have a good deal with clients and suddenly our clients call and we search our bags , we searched it and where in the world is the handphone, because there are so many stuff that we put in our bag and by the time we got our handphone, the connection is off and we have lost our chance to have the new project from our clients.

In order not to let that happen, i present you below handphone organizer. You can have all in one there : your money, your name cards, your handphone. Handy to carry for lunch not necessary in your bag or simply to make it being organized in you bag is possible to.

Some of the hand phone organizer even have the place for passport. Simply see the HPO and you can just let us know which is the one you’re interested of by mentioning for example:

1st row  the 3rd, or last row 2nd item. etc. let us know.

we won’t give prices up front in the Blog we will directly do emails exchanging to you should you be interested in our products. Thank you for your kind understanding

Handphone Organizer Variants: Please mention the row, and which from the row (whether it is the 1st, 2nd 3rd etc that you want) . Enjoy browsing at our shop :

All the variants of Handphone organizer (HPO) above we provide to fit your criteria on which ones you prefer and hopefully our products would represents your needs.

It is also very good for presents for love of your life and for your bestfriends, cousins and basically everyone. These are useful products that we need.

Simply choose your products as the steps would be:

1. Choose your products, please comments on the blog

2. we will exchange emails and you will get the price

3. Should you decided to buy, transfer to the BCA account or mandiri account that we will provide in the email.

4. You will receive the product 2 -3 days after your transactions

5. the shipment will be through JNE and for all part of INDONESIA. (Currently we don’t do worldwide shipment yet, but however stay tuned to us and we may expand worldwide)

Thank you very much for your attention.

Best Regards,

Rifany . A


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These unique charger bags organizers is specially designed for those who need a special bag to put every charger in it and organize your day.  You won’t be bother with all the cables of the charger that you put in your bag.

It has separator that can be adjusted so whatever charger you’re having, the big types for the computer laptop charger or as small as a handphone charger it is all fits in it .

For info on the price simply log on to facebook account of tiffany bella or comment on this blog.  Please do apologize that we can only answer enquiries on Tuesday and thursday afternoon (7-8 pm)  and weekends: Saturday morning 9 -10 am and Sunday Morning 9 to 10 am.  Thank you for your kind understanding and hope that our quality meets your standard.

You can see from the pics below that they all come in variants colours, very colourful. It is a very affordable price designed for you or your loved ones you want to give your present to.

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Kivary Lady Shop Now Open

we offer many varieties of goods, products such as bags, hpo (hand phone organizer), tco (tas charger organizer), shoes organizer, and many more all in the needs of all the ladies.

Not only the ladies needs, we also provide for the family such as the goods for little babies, and kids, which sometimes are needed for presents and for own purposes.

The Kivary Lady Shop is here to help all your needs via online, therefore you wont need to come and visit the store, time is money and this makes it all worth it.

We only sell quality products, therefore there is no doubt for you to choose KIVARY LADY SHOP.

Enjoy our fabulous boutique, and hopefully you find everything we have provide you here.

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